Need help to get appointment in Mexico?


1. First of all, You will need to fill out the DS160 application to start your appointment process.


2. After, that you will need to make a payment for MRV fees after that you will be able to confirm the slot for the location you selected in Mexico in which we will help you to pay the fee as it is only available to deposit in Mexico (Scotia Bank).

3. After that, you can select the upcoming slot for the appointment. 

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We provide accommodation, Punjabi meals, and transportation services in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez,  Mexico. We will make your stamping process very easy in which you will only have to take care of attending your interview. Contact us for US visa Application fee payment help in Mexico + If planning to come to Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez– Just book your Visa dates, book your flight tickets and Inform us about your travel dates.

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